MAXIME EXPO APPARELS LTD. strongly believes to actualize its corporate mission, for which a high level of corporate efficiency is essential at all levels in the whole organization. And so, it commits a considerable amount of resources for training, development, compliance and motivation. Recognizing the human resource as one of its key success factors, it provides trainings to them on a regular basis to help improve production quality and organizational productivity.

Maxime expo complies with all provisions of the labor as well as the factory & government laws and regulations.

Safety Issues:

Maxime Expo Apparels Ltd. aim to uphold the safety standards in all their business activities and continually refine their management systems so as to improve their performance. Their business philosophy is to manufacture high quality ready-made garments in an international standard safely, on time and budget. This drives them to strive for operational excellence through constant improvement, to do jobs better, safer and faster each time.

Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) is their  top priority. Motivated to create a zero-incident workplace, we are constantly improving and innovating to eliminate risks to our people, property and the environment. We will review and continually improve our practices to drive improvements Health, safety, and Environmental performance.


MAXIME EXPO APPARELS LTD. is totally secured in all respect of detection and protection system by addressable fire detection system with alarm in all premises and fully automated stand pipe system. The under mentioned fire protection systems are available in the factory.

Portable fire extinguisher are available in the factory that placed near the path of exit travel and its surrounding easily accessible, type of fire extinguisher like ABCE, CO2 and foam type. Automatic fire alarm and detection system throughout the factory has been well equipped, the alarm device by automatic initiating smoke detector, multi sensor and heat detector in the event of fire. Other instrument horns, horns strobes light etc.

Environmental Policy:

Maxime Expo Apparels Ltd. is one of the leading 100% export oriented woven & Knit garments manufacturers in Bangladesh. We are committed to protect human health and environment through:

1.      Education, training and motivation of employees to carry out tasks in an environmentally responsible manner.

2.      Minimizing the consumption of resources, reducing waste generation and prevention of pollution,

3.      Encouraging environmental protection among our supply chain.

4.      Setting environmental objectives   and   targets   against   which   to   measure improvements in environmental performance.

5.      Complying with all environmental legal and other requirements.

6.      Periodical internal audit will be carried out by competent personnel & ensured the impacts & aspects are in controlled.